Customer Testimonials

"As a parent, I cannot begin to fully describe what your "WriteBrain® Potential program has done for my children. My view is, this program can't be recommended highly enough.

Shortly after we had learned that Dustin, our 10 year old son, had ADD we started using this program. We've seen absolutely remarkable changes in him in a short period of time.

At the teacher conference, his teacher asked me what I was doing to help him change so much. I want to thank Jeanette from the bottom of my heart for her help.  That and for caring enough to bring this program to everyone. This program absolutely works!"

Sherry Macklin, Aurora, CO

"I'm writing with great hope and excitement!.  I'm happy to report Adam is doing significantly beter.  He is not fidgeting or leaving his seat and is finishing ALL of his work and his pupils are not dilated anymore. He used to come home from school with his pupils huge after being overstimulated all day. Now they are normal sized.  Thank you so much for your support

Sue Kowlaski, Chicago, IL

"I purchased your program for my then 5 yr. old daughter, three years ago. I used it for about and I'm so pleased with the results that I wanted to write and thank you.

My daughter had a pre-natal stroke and was hemisplegic.  She was even diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. She had major program difficulties at school - what with unreadable and incomplete work, mirror writing, sometimes even upside down mirror writing. She was hyperactive, lacked concentration, and had trouble sleeping.  When I started your program within three days the teacher commented on how she seemed to be improving her concentration and listening skills. 
I continued program use on and off for about a year and her handwriting improved dramatically as did her attention skills.  We did the scheme for 10 mins in the a.m. and she enjoyed the start of each day with dramatically diminished hyperactivity. With all of her birth,  just three treatments have amizingly helped her:  1.  The conductive physiothreapy by the hospital physiotherapist,     2. Your WriteBrain handwriting movements with musical accompaniment system and,   3.  Some exercises her optician provided for improving her visual tracking and coordination skills.
Last year my daughter was one of a small number in her class who achieved level 3 in her handwriting, reading, and writing and math skills. Her literacy index has so now advanced that the current teacher feels she is fairly gifted in those areas.  I am so pleased  with our results and readily recommend your program to others.  Many thanks for your help.

Sandra Woodhouse, United Kingdom

"Jeanette Farmer's program has been wonderful for our son, Ed, who suffered a severe brain injury while playing football for CU 10 years ago. It has given him a pleasant, structured method of handwriting re-mediation to help in rehabilitating his brain injury."

Patricia Reinhardt, RN., Littleton, CO.

"Your WriteBrain® Potential program has brought control into my son's world. In the past, he viewed penmanship practice as punishment because it was a persistent reminder to him of a failure. "Your program offers an opportunity to work with new shapes set to music.

As Gregory has gained control, he is more confident in class and has begun to focus on the academics rather than just handwriting. In fact, he just had his best academic year ever!"

Kay Sandler, Denver, CO.

"The kids in my classroom love this program! I've seen definite improvement in their penmanship skills, including staying on the line, spacing, size of letters and letter formation quality.

Beyond that, I've noticed my students being more focused during the rest of their classes. We enjoyed fewer interruptions, a calmer atmosphere, and improved work habits.  More important, they are "suddenly" reading better.  It really seems to work. One of my colleagues commented, 'Your students have the best handwriting in my class. What are you doing? "

Linda Peters, Special Education Teacher, Denver, CO

The Train the Brain to Pay Attention the Write Way  program has been used successfully with my special education students for the last ten years.  The program is especially useful with children with fine motor difficulties.  I recently had a group of six students, amongst which, 3 of whom were strongly ADHD.

Listening to the music with 60 beats a minutes proved to be very calming. The students thoroughly enjoyed the days we did the handwriting with musical accompaniement activity sheets. 

Beside my recommendation, my daughter teaches kindergarten is also strongly promotes use of this program."

Mary Brennecke, Delta CO

As a special education teacher, I've used your program with kids ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade.  All who I have used this program with had a wide range of developmentally delayed issues including autism & all manner of learning disabilities. 
I would not be without your program. My experience with a class of K-3 kids with autism was remarkable.  Both my principal and I were amazed at the tremendous progress the entire class gained. 

Nancy Maynard, Covina, CA

Jeanette Farmer's WriteBraintm Potential has been an easy and outstanding tool for our students faced with a variety of learning challenges. We have consistently seen improvements in impulse control and handwriting that are transferring to seesions and school! 

How wonderful to have come across such a simple, fun and user-friendly progarm functionally based on research about how the brain learns!  Thank you! 

Jill Stowell, M.S., Director, Stowell Learning Center

"I found your WriteBrain® Potential program extremely interesting and informative. You have superb insight into the relationship between handwriting and the structure of the brain.

I also found the drawings refreshing. It seems to me that if a child diligently works on them, it will dramatically help integrate his fine motor control, and corresponding areas of the frontal, occipital lobe and the motor cortex."

Marc Seifer, Ph.D, Kingston, RI, Psychology professor; Editor of Journal of the American Society of Professional Graphologistsn

"Jeanette Farmer has found the missing link for parents and educators tearing their hair over their children's learning incompetencies--train their brains the 'write' way! ...Now!

It is based on how the brain works, pure and simple and ever so powerful.  We are all indebted to her genius of synthesis and practical understandings of the learning process.  Thank you so much, Jeanette."

Gloria DeGaetano, Founder/CEO, The Parent Coaching Instiute; Co-author, Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill:A Call to Action Against TV, Movie & Video Game Violence

"Jeanette Farmer is on the cutting edge of conducting some of the most original research on handwriting anywhere in America. Her work will set the standard for years to come in the development and acceptance of graphology as a science. She will undoubtedly be mentioned in the same breath as Klara Roman."

Robert L. O'Block, Ph.D., Springfield, MO, Executive Director, American Board of Forensic Examiners

"After ten weeks of training, I expected to see positive changes in the ten students' handwriting involved in the program, but I noticed other beneficial results as well. Beyond the proper formation of letters, some children increased their speed and ability to complete a written task. ... It is obvious to any parent or educator that each and every one of these positive behaviors will have an impact on the students' self images and ability to see themselves as learners, as capable members of the educational "club" they have been so distant from. ... No wonder they can hardly wait to get started each day!"

Becky Sartin-Valdez, Special Education Teacher, McKinley-Thatcher School, Denver, CO

"I'm so glad I said yes to your program! I work with 20 of the lowest kindergarten children. I can't speak to long range effects as yet, but I can see this is the first group who enjoy writing. The biggest difference is that they choose to write a lot and all are able to write their first and last names well. I volunteered in the regular kindergarten class recently and noticed that many of those children were having trouble with their names. I think my children are doing so well because of your program."

Janice McDermott, At-risk kindergarten teacher, Ford Elementary, Denver, CO

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