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About Jeanette

 As one of only a few graphology foundation trained specialists in the USA advocating for using the physical movements found in handwriting anything as an tool of emotional remediation Jeanette Farmer fields 30 years experience in handwriting analysis.

The writings found in the links below draw centrally from 30 years of research performed by the late German neurologist/ graphologist, Dr. Rudolph Pophal.  His work grounds the documented expertise & present day testimonials Jeanette has generated using handwriting from a brain dominance perspective. Jeanette has further identified which brain areas  enjoy the greatest measure of calming stabilizing effects relative to various hand movement styles.


Jeanette spent the last 16 years seining current brain research to find those that are particularly pertinent to the handwriting process to align it to Pophal's work.

She lectures nationally and internationally "educating the educators" about handwriting's critical role as a missing piece of the educational puzzle.   Her lectures explain how failed perceptions in the educational world prevent understanding how profoundly the absence of handwriting training fatally affects the quality of educational output. Her program of movement exercises and therapeutic music, Train the Brain to Pay Attention The Write Way, Vol. I, Vol II and Vol. IIl, is currently used by countless parents and several thousand classrooms, (both regular and special education), around the world.

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